The High School sports scene within the Commonwealth of Virginia will be an entirely different format than ever experienced. First will be the changing of seasons from the normal fall, winter and spring seasons to; now for this 2020-2021 school year, it will be winter, fall and spring. Read more

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Starting in November, the Westmoreland Lion’s Club is holding their annual fresh (never frozen) shrimp primary fundraising sale. Shrimp are headless, fresh from Savannah, Georgia, iced 2 days out of the Atlantic Ocean, large size (21-25 count, none smaller than 26-30). Order by November 13 a… Read more

The endless record setting heat has kept many local anglers fishing the early morning post dawn hours. Some have braved the late evening option for fishing, hoping the heat of the day has subsided and any thunderstorm chances have diminished. While these narrow windows of angling options hav… Read more