Tu Parker at the complex.

“In a community built on history, it is only right to continue on that path,” said the YMCA’s new sports director, Rebecca Panis.  

It’s with gratitude towards the leaders of Westmoreland County, past and present, that the Westmoreland Family YMCA happily announced that the Westmoreland County Little League will take to the fields at the new Westmoreland County Recreational Park, this spring season.  

“We are humbled and honored for the opportunity to help in any way in order to make this county stronger through sports and fellowship.  I see a community full of pride and eager to get started on an exciting new chapter in their history books,” said Panis.  

The Recreational Park, has been a project of blood, sweat and tears over the past few years, for many in this county.  The Y will handle the scheduling for the complex and is a resource for all in the community.

 “We take this commitment very seriously, and we are looking forward to serving the people of the county and beyond, developing our youth through character,” said Panis.

“As Tu told me, it’s all for the kids”  

Tu Parker is an essential and dedicated volunteer, who has been one of many leaders doing the labor and hard work that it takes to open a park of this size, with limited resources.  Many thanks to all who have made the park possible,” added Panis.