The family of Tommy Setliff takes places in a ceremony to name the scoreboards in the Drifter Dome after Tommy.

Prior to the start of Wednesday nights Drifters basketball game the scoreboards at the school were renamed in honor of Tommy Setliff.

For more than 35 years Setliff was a steadfast Drifters’ fan who kept the clock for basketball games in the Drifter Dome and before that the Crackerbox. The Virginia High School League had honored him for his dedication in the past.

While not an alumni of Colonial Beach High School Setliff’s children all went there and made him a Drifter. He was a mainstay at all Drifter sporting events up until he passed in the fall of 2019.

Now, forever in his honor the scoreboards in the Dome are named the Tommy Setliff scoreboards. Much of his family were in attendance at the game as the plaques were revealed to the public for the first time.

Daughter Kristin Jack, a CBHS graduate, said about her Dad, “My Dad would be so proud. For 35+ years, you would see my father at every basketball game, girls and boys, keeping the clock, with his bag of popcorn by his side and his tootsie pop suckers close at hand.”

Coach Keith Dickerson said that, “Drifters are family,” during the ceremony. Anyone who went to school there, or worked there, or had a child who attended CBPS can attest to that.

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