WYA teams

“In all the years I’ve been involved in Westmoreland Youth Football since 2006, there has never been a clean sweep of the Superbowl, but we did it today! I think they call that a dynasty! We have the best coaches, best players, and best parents. We all won.”

This statement, which came from Westmoreland Youth Association President Brad Jones on Facebook, was the reason several dozen kids of Westmoreland County had gathered on the lawn of the Old Courthouse in Montross to celebrate a spectacular sweep of youth football. For the last five years, the JV team of the Westmoreland Youth Association has held and defended their championship title. For the last two years, their varsity has done the same. This year, the WYA pulled off what could be considered a youth football triple crown by also taking the flag football championship, the first time they have pulled it off in the three years that they have been running flag football.

The main focus now, however, lies with securing funding from the county. Up until this point, the Westmoreland Youth Association has been keeping itself funded using private donations, which can lead to some serious nail biters when trying to figure out finances for purchasing uniforms and paying referee fees.

“These kids are going to eventually turn into the High School’s football team. Our main thing now is trying to get funded by the county,” Jones explained after the picture-taking was done.

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These young athletes show off their colors with pride.