Representative Wittman, on January 6, 2021 you ran and hid, then returned to walk out of the House Chamber to support the man who has assisted in dividing this country even more.

The president could not have cared less about your death, be it literally or politically. However, your action on Wednesday night leaves me wondering if you care. How much legitimacy do you need to understand that we, the people, have spoken. You won your seat and so has President-elect Biden Mr. Wittman, you were elected by the people, not to represent one group, but ALL.

This was not four years ago when there was a people majority but an electoral decision. It was not four years ago when all was well and people were not afraid to go out. The states did remarkably well with easing the burdens for the people to have a right to vote. For all of you, who stood in support of a known untruth, check to see if your fingers are red, because as of Wednesday, January 6, 2021, you dipped them in blood.

-Cassandra F. Jackson