Dear Editor,

The gubernatorial campaign has reached a crescendo of hysteria, peppered with sensational rants designed to cast an opponent as evil incarnate. In choosing how I will vote, I look at the candidates’ records. Mr. McAuliffe has served as our governor and the state has moved forward. Children haven’t been butchered, police haven’t been defunded and Virginia is ranked as one of the best states in which to conduct business. Mr. Youngkin is a successful businessman who is a stranger to government. He has former president Trump’s backing. He is impugning Virginia’s voting process, which I think is a model of accuracy and security.

But more than that, look at the record of each party’s actions. The Democrats are struggling to pass legislation that is designed to improve our infrastructure, economy, education, medical care and other issues for the common good. The Republicans have become the party of monumental hypocrisy regarding the presidential election and the January 6 insurrection of the Capitol, will not vote to raise the debt ceiling (to help pay for the deficit and expenses of the Trump administration) and will oppose anything - however beneficial to all - that Democrats propose. GOP states have passed laws making voting more difficult, assaulting womens’ rights to control their own bodies, and are the states with the highest percentage of unvaccinated people. Texas has turned itself into a state of vigilantes, offering ten grand to anyone who squeals on anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion.

After an objective consideration of the facts, it should be clear which direction we want Virginia to pursue - one of improvement for the common good, or one that could limit certain freedoms and rights. My choice is for the former.

-Marion Dongieux,