Photo: Kurt Clark

Last month at the August meeting of Westmoreland County’s Board of Supervisors, the subject of getting through-truck traffic restrictions put in place for several sections of roadway came up and was sent to VDOT so that the department could conduct a study. Since then, VDOT has been looking to get the public’s input on the situation, and will continue doing so until October 7th.

For a recap, the restrictions being considered for through-truck traffic along Rosa Bran Rd. and a portion of Skipjack Rd. came into being after a number of complaints from the community in Sandy Point, which typically involved tractor-trailers passing through on their way to the Bevans Oyster Company on Skipjack Rd. as well as a few cases where trucks took a turn too early and wound up on Rosa Bran Rd. instead, which would still lead them towards Skipjack.