It goes without saying that guns and loud arguments are best kept separate, especially when emotions are high. Unfortunately for three people in a house near Flat Iron last week, things took a turn for the worse after a dispute started and a revolver was added to the equation of a heated argument. Thankfully, the injuries were not life-threatening, but that’s likely small consolation to anyone that’s been shot.

According to Westmoreland County Sheriff C.O. Balderson, Matthew Scrogham, a Richmond County resident, showed up at the house with his sons on Wednesday of last week. Eventually, an argument broke out between Scrogham and Andres Medina, the resident of the house. When things boiled over, Medina allegedly pulled a .22 revolver and shot Scrogham, as well as one of his sons.

However, in the confusion, Medina had also shot himself in the foot, and was then allegedly attacked by Scrogham’s other son, who managed to avoid getting shot. All three victims were taken to Mary Washington Hospital and received treatment. Charges are at present still pending.

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