Many that pass through Montross could be forgiven for not knowing that there is a YMCA facility nearby. Nestled within the A.T. Johnson building by the side of Route 3, there’s little attention called to it. However, it is in fact there, and sees regular attendance by those interested in physical fitness. It also recently got a new director, in the form of Shonna Sargent. The subject came up at last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting, courtesy of County Administrator Norm Risavi.

According to Risavi, the new director was seeking the county’s input on recommendations for the staff on a volunteer council.

“I told her that I thought the best way to do that was to get each board member to recommend a number of people,” Risavi explained. “They want to expand the programs and a new recreation facility. They’re looking at putting additional things in there.”

What this entails is each board member will whip up a list of people they think would be a good fit for the council, three per board member. Risavi also suggested looking around local churches for volunteers, as they were looking to create church leagues for softball.

“We’ll get this done between now and the next board meeting,” Chairman Ralph Fisher stated. Several of the Supervisors, including Vice Chairman W.W. Hynson and Supervisors Dorothy Tate and Timothy Trivett, already had people they planned to ask about taking up the position, and have passed the names over to Fisher.

Before the topic shifted, Supervisor Russ Culver had one other question for Risavi about the YMCA, this time about the ball fields in the new county park.

“Are we still planning on the YMCA handling the ball fields in the new county park?” he asked.

“I’m working with them now on a new contract to include those services,” Risavi replied. “One thing we’ve asked for is an 18-month review period. I’m hoping that this group will suggest other things too. I think we need to get representatives from each district to discuss this, since what seniors tell me is very different from what someone in the little league might tell me. We just need to get them involved with the Y.”

Next month, Risavi will be bringing in a new contract with the YMCA for the county, after County Attorney Richard Stuart has had time to look it over.