It may be the middle of winter, but that’s not stopped VDOT from being a busy group of bees here in Westmoreland County. At last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting, David Beale, the new resident engineer for this area of Virginia, gave an update on what has been done for the roads of the county, and the short answer is “quite a lot.”

“The theme of the month appears to be slope failures,” Beale explained to the board. “Water is not going where it’s supposed to go, and washing slopes out. We fixed one where Route 3 and 202 intersect, and another on 205.”

Repairing the ditches in areas such as Ebb Tide and Holly Vista have also been completed, but several other areas still need work, such as Wild Sally and Stony Knoll Road as well as reconstructing Harts Landing Road. Over in Westmoreland State Park, meanwhile, the old roadbed has been removed, and the project as a whole is nearing completion. Perhaps the biggest bit of work, however, would be the creation of the Route 3 passing lanes just before Flat Iron Road, which is getting its own turn lane as well. 

Supervisor Chairman Darryl Fisher and several other members of the board gave their praises to VDOT, especially for the passing lanes, noting that under normal circumstances, the area near Flat Iron Road is one of the few passing zones on that stretch of road, so these are bound to be a welcome relief for those stuck behind slow drivers.

“Once you get past Popes Creek, you’re pretty well frustrated.”

Beale noted afterwards that there were several other areas that he felt could benefit from having passing lanes, though they had been unable to work them into the smartscale process.

“I’m working on getting my ducks in a row though,” Beale added, “and I’m strategizing for a better way to screen them in so that we can get some more state money for projects on Route 3.”