Welcoming new representatives and resolutions

At last week’s Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors meeting, both the board and public were informed of the sad passing of VDOT representative Stephen McKeever, who passed away over the course of the holiday season. In his place Alvin Balderson is picking up the slack, and he wasted no time in introducing himself to the Board.

“It’s a sad way to be standing in front of you,” Balderson stated, “but Mr. McKeever passed away in late December, and I was asked by the District Administrator to step in as the acting residence administrator until we get the position filled.”

Balderson is a Westmoreland County native, though he currently lives in Richmond County, and has been with VDOT for 29 years, 14 of which were in this county as a maintenance operator. Before having to occupy the vacancy left by the late Mr. McKeever, Mr. Balderson worked in the Small Bridge Maintenance and Construction in the area, handling all bridges that are less than 55 feet long. When a new residential manager is brought in, Balderson will head right back to it.

“I expect I’ll be here at least another 2 months,” he continued. “It’s not a quick process, when we hire somebody of this nature within the Commonwealth, but with that being said, nothing’s going to change with Mr. Bowman here, and he’ll still be here every month when you need him.”

After Mr. Balderson had finished his introduction, it was George Bowman’s turn to step up to the lectern and speak to the board, as well as for the board to rescind a resolution it had passed regarding VDOT back in September so that it could pass a revised version.

According to County Administrator Norm Risavi, there had been some problems with the September resolution, which had to be corrected by VDOT. With the old resolution thrown into the trash, a new and revised one could be adopted instead, which it was without any further delay by the board.

George Bowman introducing Mr. Howeth.

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