Attracting businesses, residents, and funding to a county is probably among one of the most important things a county’s Board of Supervisors can do. More residents and businesses means more money flowing in, which in turn allows the county to better fund various things like new schools, new buildings, road improvements through revenue sharing, and so on. 

Many years ago, the Northern Neck Regional Industrial Facility Authority was cooked up with that purpose in mind, as it would, in the words of the ordinance that led to its creation, “enhance the economic base for its member localities by developing, owning, and operating one or more facilities on a cooperative basis involving its member localities.”

Originally formed between Westmoreland and Richmond County, Northumberland later joined. At the Westmoreland Board of Supervisors meeting last month, King George County also officially joined. The Authority is based around facilitating the development of industrial sites within the Northern Neck, serving as a means for localities in the area to work on the development of various economic projects and facilities around the region.

According to Westmoreland County Administrator Norm Risavi, King George County entering allows the region to receive more funds from sources such as Go Virginia, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, as well as allow King George and the other counties to opt in or opt out of a project. All in all, it provides an easy means to gain funding for a project through regional channels.

The unanimous vote to bring King George County into the Authority was preceded by Board Vice Chairman Hynson stating “I think it’ll make us stronger in the end.”