Mill Pond

The Chandler’s Mill Pond is finally a pond again.

Photo from the Visit Montross Virginia Facebook page


It has been delayed over and over again for nearly five years. During that time, everyone that went over the bridge in or out of Montross, saw nothing but a nearly-dry bed of soil. But, at long last, Montross finally has, as Darryl Fisher put it, “Water under the bridge.” The Chandler’s Mill Pond is finally a pond once more.

The dam broke in 2015 due to erosion below the spillway, which went unnoticed up until then. This was the third time in 30 years. That started the arduous process of getting the dam fixed, which ran into an all manner of delays as it became clear that an entire reconstruction of the dam was needed. 

The goal, according to Uwe Weindel, the Director of Central Planning for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, was to fix the dam in such a way that they would not have to fix it again over the next decade. A big part of this involved removing the material that had served as an inadequate foundation and replacing it with a sand-cement mix, as it would prevent the water from slipping under the spillway to cause another break like what happened five years ago. Apparently the original plan would have had the dam fixed up in six months, but would have put the dam in the exact same situation that had caused it to become compromised in the first place, which was why the delays kept piling up. 

Comments from those seeing the images posted online all agreed on a few things. First, it was about time that thing got finished. Second, that it was well worth the wait. In November  of last year, Weindel informed the Ruritan club that the pond would likely be restocked with fish around 2021.

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