Last month, after Richmond County formalized its position, Warsaw’s Town Council began discussing what, if any, action it should take. The council members decided to do more homework, give the issue more consideration and revisit the topic in the new year.

At last week’s meeting, Mayor Randall Phelps said an initial version of the town’s resolution had been worded a bit differently than the one proposed that night.

“The current version is a mirror of the Richmond County resolution that was approved last month, and if it is passed, it would serve to put the two governing bodies in alignment,” he said.

That means among other things, Warsaw’s leaders vowed to oppose any bills containing language to infringe on the rights to keep and bear arms and to oppose any efforts to unconstitutionally restrict those rights. The town vowed to use reasonable legal means to protect constitutional gun rights and committed not to use public town funds to unlawfully restrict Second Amendment rights.Before the town council made a decision on the resolution, Phelps opened the floor for discussion. No one from the public chose to speak on the matter, but several council members took the opportunity to explain the reasoning behind their vote.

“I support what our county Board of Supervisors do. They were elected by the people to represent them. They heard their voice and they passed the resolution. I feel that we need to do the same,” said Ogle Forrest. “Even though the county resolution also included the Town of Warsaw, I feel that we need to express our concerns and our feelings that we support our county and we support the people. So at this time, I would like to make the motion that we adopt this resolution as presented.”

“This is more a symbolic thing than anything, I believe. And while the county has adopted it, I believe we should as well. We have a separate police department,” added Jonathan English. There are some good things in the proposed legislation, such as background checks, and I’m for background checks, he continued. “But saying that a weapon that holds 10 rounds is an assault firearm should be unlawful in itself. That’s any basic pistol that you carry for self defense.”

“I would like to go along with Johnathan. That is one part of the legislation I don’t agree with—the capacity of a weapon limited to 10 rounds,” said Faron Hamblin. “Anything other than a revolver and is a Glock-style handgun has 10 rounds or more. So, that would pretty much make those illegal. And there’s tons of homes—I’m sure some here in Warsaw—that have that hand gun. And there are other things I don’t agree with and that’s why I would like to second the motion,” he concluded.

The resolution was adopted unanimously. Auriel Walker was not present for the vote.

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