The Town of Warsaw is pleased to announce Phase II of their COVID-19 Relief Program. Effective during the November billing cycle, the Town of Warsaw will implement their Utility Relief Program, waiving all residential water, sewer, and trash collection fees to assist residents during difficult financial times that are related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The one-time waiver of $51 for one month is extended to each of the Town’s 1,500 residents. Town residents do not need to submit any paperwork for this waiver. Monthly bills will be mailed to all residents and will be marked as “Paid,” up to the $51 monthly rate.

Warsaw’s Mayor, Randall L. Phelps, expressed his gratitude for the Town Council’s support of this initiative. “These are trying times and if our Town has the ability to help those in need, we need to do just that. This is what being a part of a strong and supportive community is all about, and I thank the Town Council for being so supportive of this initiative,” he said. The official Council vote was 6-0 in favor of offering this relief program to all off the town’s residents.

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the town began with Phase I of the Relief Program, delivering meals three times a week to all residents that were 65 or older. The town’s Police Department also assisted residents in need with prescription pickup services from local pharmacies. With the rollout of Phase II and the Utility Relief Program, Warsaw’s Town Manager, Joseph Quesenberry, stated that more relief efforts may be on the horizon. “As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be keeping track of where we can best use our resources to benefit those in need. Another relief package may be in the works if things do not improve in the coming months,” he said.

For more information, please contact Joseph Quesenberry, Town Manager, at (804) 333-3737, or by email at