On Sunday, June 14 at 4 p.m. in front of the old courthouse in Northumberland County, a group of individuals from different churches and organizations gathered for prayer and reflection. Rev. Carl Perez reached out to all the churches in the county and asked for volunteers to speak, share a poem or sing. His words of welcome included that “we come together to find, not just a way of hearing voices, but a way of how we can move forward with these voices in mind. The church should be in the forefront, never in the back.”

Here are some of the voices that were heard. The pastors who were represented and spoke included: Rev. Mike Moffitt, Rev. Dave McEntire, Rev. Willard Felton, Rev. Tyron Williams, Rev. Brant Hays (President of Northumberland Ministerial Association), Rev. Rebecca Minor, Rev. Tom Coye (President of Lancaster Ministerial Association), Rev. John Wright, Rev. Linwood Blizzard II, and Rev. Carolyn Crockett.  Dr. Cheryl Davis sang a solo “Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace.” Dr. Holly Wargo, (Superintendent of Northumberland County Schools) and Adam Lateizia (Director of Instruction) also spoke. Jim Long (President of the NAACP), Jane Wrightson (Commonwealth Attorney) spoke and Quintesse Kenner read two of her original poems “American Flag” and “We Just Want to Breathe.” Deputy Cook and Deputy Zach Kline represented the Sheriff’s Department also spoke. Barbara Hays led the group in singing “We Shall Overcome Today.” There were also several private citizens who shared their thoughts and concerns. There were approximately 60-70 in attendance. Thanks to all who participated and attended.