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Vickie Alsop in her newly opened shop, The Old Crow and Crab.

New businesses in Callao continue to pop up, proving the town is still kicking. This week, The Old Crow and Crab, an antique and gift shop, opened for business.

The Old Crow and Crab at 283 Northumberland Highway (Route 360) next to the car dealership, is slam full of antiques, collectibles plus an area devoted to women’s clothing, “The Unique Boutique.”

The shop’s owner, Vickie Alsop and her husband have had generations-long connections to Northumberland County although they lived in Spotsylvania County.

Not long ago, they sold the Alsop family’s farm near Spotsylvania Courthouse – which had been in the family since before the Civil War and on which one of the fiercest battles at Spotsylvania Courthouse was fought – and bought a home on Lodge Creek. Vickie, who had sold antiques and curios at antique malls and other such venues decided to open her own shop.

“A lot of the items are antiques from the family,” she said last week. For example, there is a pine mantle piece made by a member of the family and that had been used in the original Alsop house that had been stored for years in a chicken coop and “might be 200 years old.” There is also a brass and iron bed that came down through the family and a foot powered sewing machine.

Other offerings range from old X-Men comic books to old fashioned roller skates. All sorts of pewter ware is on sale. Women’s clothing for, as Vickie says, “dress up” fills the shop’s second floor.

Vickie said the shop’s name is derived from her love of crows and her husband’s love of crabbing. He even bought a parcel of land in Lewisetta so he can crab from its dock. “He’s also an old crab,” Vickie laughed.

Vickie said she and her husband love Northumberland County. Callao reminds her of how Fredericksburg used to be years ago.

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