If you haven’t been down Main Street, just past Water Lane, you haven’t seen all of the activity around the Essex History Museum. The gazebo/stage is almost complete, the Family Shelters are standing, a portion of the paved walkways and the informational hubs are laid and native plants and shrubs adorn the flower beds.

However, there is more to do and everyone is getting in on the act. Friends of the Museum have been by to dig, admire or simply marvel at the beautiful and functional addition to Historic Downtown Tappahannock. The Courtyard has already made its mark as one of the clues in a children’s scavenger hunt. And, if you look closely you will see the Courtyard Campaign Thermometer rising as we continue to raise funds to meet the goals of each step toward completion.

There are many ways to participate in this timeless landmark: Opportunities are available to purchase personalized brick pavers to honor a family member or to thrill a child whose name will be memorialized and celebrated for years and years to come. Other means of supporting the project can be larger: purchasing the naming opportunity of a Family Shelter or memorializing someone with a bench – only two remaining -- or garden plague. Most importantly, donations regardless of amount are needed to support this project. This respite, green space will be for the enjoyment of not only the museum’s patrons but all who visit and live in the community.