Omega Protein is one of the Northern Neck’s largest employers, having a facility that employs over 200 people; it’s also one of the oldest, having operated since 1878. Its facility is located in Northumberland County, but during this month’s Board of Supervisors meeting in Westmoreland County, it popped up on the docket during County Administrator Norm Risavi’s comments period. In recent years, however, Omega Protein has come under what could be construed as an assault. As a result of this, the Northumberland County Board of Supervisors asked the Board in Westmoreland if they would adopt a resolution in support of Omega Protein.

County Attorney Richard Stuart was also on hand to explain the situation.

“This is one of the bigger industries in the lower Northern Neck,” Stuart explained, “they catch menhaden fish, which is highly regulated. Every year, since I was in the General Assembly, they have tried to close that plant down, through one way or another. It’s mostly people from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the CCA.

“The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission recently adopted a regulation cutting their harvests, and at the time, they said it was not based on science, but rather because they wanted to.

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