The age of St. Johns Street has created another unforeseen issue in the midst of Warsaw’s stormwater project, but town manager Joseph Quesenberry thinks the town will be able to avert the six-figure price tag to resolve it.

During construction, Earthcrafters’ crew has been working as deep as 22 feet in some places. However, the earth at those deeper levels was pure sand, and both sides of the road collapsed, explained Quesenberry.

Warsaw is responsible for repaving any area of the road that’s disturbed for this project. “So, there was a seven-to nine-foot area down that middle of St. John’s that we knew we would have to repave,” Quesenberry said. “That job was bid out and the cost was accounted for. But the unexpected damage means VDOT could request the entirety of the road to be paved on the town’s dime,” he added.

According to the initial figures, that would have been a $120,000 change order. 

Luckily, VDOT has been good to work with and they understand it’s an old road. They also understand the financial implications if the town was hit with an unexpected bill of that size, said Quesenberry. 

The town and its engineer has been working with the contractor and VDOT, and Quesenberry believes they have come up with a solution that’ll be a “minimal financial impact” for Warsaw.

Although the proposal is still tentative and the final paperwork hasn’t been drawn up, Quesenberry is optimistic.

Prepare for downtown to get hectic

The project is progressing, and the contractor expects to have the stormwater line running under Main St. within the next week-and-a-half. 

There will be traffic control measures in place, so Main St. will be hectic for a while. But Quesenberry said they’re trying to get that wrapped up as quickly as possible.

The work must be done by August 1, which is the deadline for the grant that’s funding this project. Therefore, workers along Main St. and St. Johns should be gone and the road should be paved by the beginning of August, he added.