Getting rid of old paperwork can be quite the hassle for those without a paper shredder. All it takes is one persistent dumpster diver, and then the real fun begins as they start pretending to be somebody else, buying all manner of things before ultimately sticking their victim with the bill. As luck would have it, however, the folks at C&F Bank in Montross are having a Community Shred-It Day this upcoming 23rd of October from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Montross Town Manager Patricia Lewis explained what the reasoning behind it all was at the Town Council meeting last week. Apparently, when C&F and People’s Community Bank merged, Jen Dixon, the branch manager here in Montross, asked for a meeting with Lewis so that they could discuss what the bank could do for the town and its residents.

Thus came up the subject of people needing to shred old documents. Previously, Lewis had tried to have a shredding truck brought up to Montross, but nobody was willing to drive one to the town due to the expense that would have been involved. Thus was born the document shredding day that has been scheduled.

It was after this report from Lewis that Vice Mayor Terry Cosgrove chimed in with a word of praise for C&F Bank.

“They’ve really stepped up and done some nice things. It’s incredible.”

At this point, Lewis has stated that she aims to get in contact with the people that had asked about the shredding in the first place, as well as distribute fliers that can be posted around town.

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