The main crossing over in downtown Montross remains a pressing issue for the Town Council. Back at last month’s meeting, the council discussed whether or not a safety grant could be acquired to pay for putting up a couple of extra signs in a bid to keep that particular crossing from becoming the site of an accident involving a pedestrian. This is due in no small part to a combination of the curve just before the crosswalk and the tendency of motorists to just go through with little regard for whether or not the sign is flashing.

As luck would have it, a safety grant could cover the costs of putting up a middle-of-the-road crossing sign, and even better, the town had already been approved for the safety grant before the August meeting. According to Town Manager Patricia Lewis, who had been talking with a VDOT-approved sign vendor, three small stand-up signs would cost $512. Thanks to the $500 grant, the town only has to pay change for the three signs.

“The only things I don’t like about the signs,” Mayor Joey King commented, “is that they get all beat up and banged up, then they start to look bad.”

“Maybe we should put a plastic head with a notice on it saying ‘This could be you!’” quipped Council member Bobby Greene.

“That’d be a good message,” Lewis chimed in, “but the main thing is getting people to slow down when they get to the crosswalk.”

Other key changes to that particular intersection include the planned removal of a parking space in front of the Carrot Cottage that is closest to the turn in a bid to improve visibility for motorists headed east on Route 3. With any luck, the combination of sight lines, signage, and maybe a speed indicator or two will get people to not have a lead-foot problem when going through the area.

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