Last Friday, many living on the Northern Neck became the sudden owners of waterfront property as weather conditions conspired to create a powerful deluge that resulted in massive flooding all along the Neck. While the area around Montross was the hardest hit in terms of rainfall, conditions at the Chandler’s Mill Pond made sure everyone downriver from it shared in the trouble.

The cause behind this was a cold front that had come screeching to a halt in the area, and was left sandwiched between two moist air masses. The fact that it had rained the day before did not help matters, leaving the ground saturated and unable to absorb the rain.

The water troubles got even worse, however, when the Chandler’s Mill Pond Dam, already in bad shape from torrential rains last November, gave way, allowing a massive torrent to blast downstream through the Chandler Mill Run, Cat Point Creek, and County Bridge, undermining the titular bridge in the process. At the pond itself, Route 3 was completely covered over.

There were plenty of stories throughout the Neck to be had of washed-out ponds, flooded roads, and rain gauges nearly topped off, but perhaps the most dramatic was to be found down in Richmond County over at Peach Grove Road when an SUV got trapped by flood waters, forcing multiple rescue crews, including from King George County, to respond to the scene. Fortunately, the couple inside the car were rescued thanks to the efforts of the rescue teams, led by Jay Hynson, the Battalion Chief of the King George Fire Department.

Ever since the flood, high water warning signs have been placed along several roads, while White Chapel Road and Hampton Hall Road in Lancaster and Northumberland County respectively were closed down. It remains to be seen just how extensive the damage was in terms of costs at the time of this writing.