As worldwide conversations and rallies confront racism head-on, the small town of Colonial Beach is lending its voice to the choir.

Former Colonial Beach High School Coach Steve Swope announced that he is organizing a unity walk on June 27 for all races to come together and rally for love and progression.

In the wake of the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and others, racists and bigoted comments were made on Facebook from another former Colonial Beach Public School employee. These comments and the national disrupt prompted Coach Swope to write a long post on Facebook. In part, the post read, “The passion that is being expressed across this country is real! It’s not just ok for one to say, ‘Hey I’m not racist.’ Everyone must now stand up and say ‘I am against racism.’ The voices are loud and being heard across this beautiful country of ours and I am behind it! Not only do we need to stomp out racism, we need to make it a fact that it will never be heard of or seen again! I was raised in a town of love.”

The unity rally is set for the 27 on Town Hill. Swope and several of his former students are working on the project.