Bay Aging has been active in local communities for decades and still many people aren’t aware of the full scope of its programs and services. This month, Essex County-Tappahannock Triad aimed to enlighten its members with a presentation offered by Michael Norvell, Bay Aging’s vice president of development and marketing.

Norvell introduced the audience to services they were unaware of and expanded their knowledge of programs they were somewhat acquainted with.

Much of the audience walked away with something they didn’t know before said Shari Dwyer vice chair of the Essex Co-Tappahannock Triad. And she admits that she was one of them.

“I was not aware of the home health services, and I didn’t realize that Meals on Wheels is available to homebound people on a sliding scale, even if they don’t meet strict income criteria. Also, while I was aware of VICAP [an insurance assistance program] and Senior Medicare Patrol, I didn’t fully understand that Bay Aging serves as an umbrella for those,” said Dwyer.

Senior Medicare Patrol is one of the programs that the masses are most unfamiliar with, said Norvell. That program helps prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud.

Another offering people often aren’t familiar with is Bay Aging’s Senior Community Service Employment Program, which was created  to help low-income, unemployed individuals aged 55 and over find work.

For the full article, pick up the latest Northumberland Echo 1/22/20


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