The recreation complex off Route 3, as noted in other articles, has reached several milestones of late. At various points during the monthly Board of Supervisors meeting in Westmoreland County, the subject came up. In this case, the update on its actual progress towards completion, rather than the financial arrangements needed for its lighting, popped up during the County Administrator’s comment period. According to County Administrator Norm Risavi, the pathways had finally been paved last week. The trail, according to Risavi, is over a mile long.

“The representative from the Department of Conservation and Recreation was impressed with what we had done,” Risavi explained. “She’s our third representative that we’ve worked with, and she was very helpful with trying to get this all closed out.”

The main paving projects now involve a cul-de-sac and a parking lot, which had been delayed a bit due to the rains that had been going on at the time. With any luck, the gravel has been laid down and can settle over the course of the winter, with the aim being to get the paving completed by spring.

The land, both for the park and the new high school, were purchased back in 2011. The reason for the creation of this park is a pretty simple one. There are only a few isolated ball fields around the county, many of them located on school property, with Hurt Field over by the Chandler’s Mill Pond as one of the exceptions. The benefits of having the park are much like the new school building: these new facilities should attract people to the county, as well as league play, which is where the real money starts to roll in. What’s more, being located smack-dab in the middle of the county makes it highly accessible to residents all around.