NPI Board Members: Tommy Byrne, Camille Grubb, Les Kilduff, Alice Imbur, Jack Moore, Martha Tallent. Not pictured Debbie Gillespie, Susan Moore

Northumberland Preservation Inc. elected Alice Imbur and Camille Grabb to its board on January 15. NPI is a non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving the history of Northumberland County with a focus on the 1884 and 1906 one-room Shiloh Schools. “We are delighted to have Alice and Camille join our board as we plan an expanded array of programs and events at Shiloh School in 2020,” said Jack Moore, President.

In 1980, while they were living in Virginia Beach, Alice and Don Imbur bought land near Tipers Creek. After a period of open water sailing and motor traveling, they settled here full time.  Involved in several community organizations, including Northumberland Association for Progressive Stewardship, Alice has also pursued her interest in local history. This year NPI plans a program on one-room schools which will benefit from Alice’s knowledge.  

Starting when she was six years old, Camille and her family visited Maude Blackwell and her aunt Anna Gordon in the Balls Neck area, enjoying multi-family crab pickings and water skiing. Camille and Bob Grabb built a house on Balls Neck Road, moving into it permanently in December. Camille is also on the board of the Northern Neck Master Naturalists and will be involved promoting Shiloh School’s native plant garden.

NPI has a busy year ahead. Unobtrusive lighting and removable space heaters have made the school building available for events in colder weather or later in the day.  An astronomy club meets at the school, the native plant garden attracts curious visitors as well as a variety of butterflies and pollinators, and groups use the grounds for picnic and outdoor music events. For more information, contact Jack Moore or any of the other board members.

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