Northumberland County Treasurer’s Office staff: Front row (left to right) Ellen Booker Kirby, Treasurer; Kathy Herndon; Candice Davenport, Deputy Treasurer. Back row (left to right): Stephanie Croxton, Deputy Treasurer; Gail Dungan, Chief Deputy Treasurer; Pam King, Deputy Treasurer.

The Northumberland County Treasurer’s Office received accreditation from the Treasurers’ Association of Virginia for the 22nd consecutive year.

The treasurer’s office is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all county funds and the safekeeping, investment, and accounting of those funds. The office bills and collects real estate and personal property taxes, dog license fees and sanitary district user charges, as well as state taxes. Additionally, the office provides DMV Select services and is a U.S. Passport Acceptance Agency.