The subject of cigarette taxes has been popping up at town and county meetings quite regularly lately, as several localities look to form a regional board to implement a cigarette tax. In the recent months, the town of Montross, along with the county governments from Westmoreland, Middlesex, and Lancaster County, were listed as the members of the fledgeling group.

At last month’s meeting of the Montross Town Council, Town Manager Patricia Lewis enlightened the council on several developments in the matter, which came to light during a meeting that included her, Westmoreland County Administrator Norm Risavi, and Jerry Davis, the head of the Northern Neck Planning District Commission.

“The town of Urbanna is joining us,” she explained with excitement. “And Essex County might join too.”

A memorandum of understanding also has to be drafted between the cigarette tax board and the Department of Taxation. That can’t be completed until the cigarette tax board is actually formed, which in turn requires a number of agreements to be signed and ordinances to be passed.

“The wholesalers and retailers will also have to be notified after the board is in place,” Lewis continued. “So the Department of Taxation has suggested that the tax go into effect on August first rather than July first. We’re still hoping to have a public hearing at next month’s meeting, while the County Attorney is still looking everything over at their end.”

The hopes behind all of this are to generate a bit of extra revenue for all the entities involved in the tax board, estimated to the tune of $40,000 for the town should the Chesapeake Bay Regional Tax Board come to fruition.