Warsaw is preparing to offer more financial assistance to those in need.

The treasurer and clerk Julia Blackley-Rice has secured nearly $5,200 in CARES Act funding designated to assist residential and commercial customers with overdue utility bills.

The funding can be used for bills with balances accrued between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020, excluding any late fees and penalties.

Warsaw has not set a cap on how much any one applicant can receive. “We want to use all the monies allotted and also help the most people. With the grant, the town has been encouraged to pay off the balances of the past-due customers that apply in full,” said Blackley-Rice.

 This is a quick turn-around initiative as the information must be submitted in January. So, the town won’t complicate the process by requesting a lot of documentation, but applicants will have to attest to a pandemic hardship. 

Applications will be available on the town’s official website and in the Town Office. The deadline for submission is December 31.

More restaurant relief

Warsaw will spend the last of its CARES Act funding that was awarded through the county on additional aid to restaurants.  

After discussions with some restaurant owners, it’s clear to Warsaw’s administrative staff that these businesses really need help. “They’re reduced to 50 percent capacity and now people are getting more scared about going out,” Town Manager Joseph Quesenberry told Warsaw’s town council.

He said the staff crunched the numbers and found that there was enough money remaining to give every non-chain restaurant a $1,000 grant.

Although restaurants will have to attest to a hardship, Quesenberry said they’re expecting most of the non-chain establishments to get the money because it’s likely that all have been affected.

“I like it,” Mayor Randy Phelps said of the plan.