Ever since the plans were initially unveiled several years ago, the process to get the town of Montross a new water system to replace its aging and bursting pipes has been chugging right along. At a recent meeting, Town Manager Patricia Lewis gave a short update on where the plans for the new water system stood, and what the next step was. 

On February 3, Lewis, along with Mayor Terry Cosgrove, had a meeting with Charlie Reidlinger of Resource International in order to take a look at the preliminary drawings.

“It looks like things are moving right along,” Lewis stated, “and he should have the final drawings done inside the next few weeks.”

Plenty of hurdles remain, however. One of these hurdles  comes from the county’s end of things; not only must an agreement be drafted for the water line hook-ups, but the town and county also have to work out the creation of new wells due to a round of environmental regulations that reared up a couple of years back.

“There are still a couple of things to iron out with the county,” she continued. “I think they’re trying to secure a grant to help with their wells.”

Easements also need to be taken care of, but Lewis is confident that it will be arriving a lot quicker than most people might think.

The current water system has been in place for decades. One of the water breaks last month also claimed a portable inverter generator, which is used to pump water around a water break. That particular piece of machinery had been used by the town since 2014. Fortunately, a replacement had already been found, and the funding granted to procure it. The system, once it arrives, will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the town.