The Town of Montross seems to have had Halloween in mind especially early. Most items related to trick-or-treating usually pop up at October’s town council meeting, but it popped up at the September meeting this year.

According to town manager Patricia Lewis, the county government called her and Colonial Beach’s town manager to see what the plan was for Halloween. “And I suggested we were going to allow trick-or-treating this year,” Lewis explained. “This year it’s on a Sunday, but I am suggesting we have it on Saturday the 30th instead from 6 to 9 p.m.”

Lewis worked with Westmoreland to outline proclamations to make sure trick-or-treating is done in a safe and orderly manner. The guidance is standard fare, such as having parents supervising their kids and asking that those residents who plan to take part in the trick-or-treating leave their porch lights on. Trick-or-treaters should interpret no outdoor light to mean those homes are not taking part and should be passed by.

According to the proclamations, “it’s also recommended for the safety of our children that parental supervision be extended to include insistence that children do not consume any treats until it’s examined by their parents.” Parents should follow the rule ‘if in doubt, throw it out,’ where evidence of tampering with packaging or surfaces of consumable products exists. Citizens were also encouraged to follow coronavirus guidelines.