Montross Brewery won first place in the business category of this year’s Christmas decorations contest.

A fun activity this time of year, for those with plenty of time for it, is to go driving around and looking at the Christmas decorations. There are very few days that get people to decorate their yards to the same degree as Christmas, whether it’s simple lights along a porch railing, or all along the house itself, they bathe the area in a soft glow that lets everyone know that the best time of the year is at hand. The town of Montross is no different.

It’s a long-running tradition here in Montross for a member of the town council to get some out-of-towners, in this case a family from Michigan, to act as judges, and take them on a tour of Montross, taking a look at the lights and decorations that the businesses and residents have put up. On December 12, that’s precisely what happened. There are no real guidelines; it’s all about the aesthetics. The winners of the contest were both announced on Facebook as well as at the Montross Town Council meeting.

This year, the business that walked away with the first place slot was the Montross Brewery, thanks in no small part to their lit-up Love sign, followed by Westmoreland Mercantile General Store in 2nd place and Yesterday’s Restaurant in 3rd. An honorable mention went to the Little Eagles Child Development Center and the Montross Moose Lodge.

Meanwhile, Warren & Shelby Holden took 1st place in the residential category, putting up enough lights to blow a fuse in what most would probably think is an attempt to be seen from orbit. Following behind them in 2nd and 3rd place respectively were Gary & Lynn O’Bier Hayes and Alison Nowacki. Les & Jane Kaye Sisson, along with Joseph and Geneva Reed were granted honorable mentions by the judges.

“Everybody worked hard on their decorations,” Town Manager Patricia Lewis commented after the announcement, “They’re all pretty though. The whole town looks great.”