Heathsville and Warsaw are also using the Food Lion To-Go service.

Certain Food Lion stores have recently been adding special parking spaces to their lots. With the Coronavirus pandemic still lurking around, people have been welcoming the advent of curbside pickup from restaurants, and lately, stores such as Wal-Mart and Food Lion have been stepping up their game as well. In the case of Food Lion, it came in the form of their Food Lion To-Go program. The store in King George on Route 3 has implemented the service, and now, the store near Montross is implementing it as well.

Food Lion To-Go is a service that allows customers to fill up an online grocery cart, and then pick the groceries up at their convenience from the nearest participating store. When the shopper is finished, they check out and select a day and time for the pickup, whereupon a Food Lion worker will gather the groceries from their temperature-controlled environment and bag them up.

The customer arrives in a designated spot, and the worker rolls the order directly to the car, loading it all in. The whole thing is available all week long, from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening, and for orders over $35, the fee for the service comes out to $1.99. For orders below that threshold, it costs two more dollars.

The stated benefits of this include saving time and allowing people to avoid those pesky impulse buys while they’re waiting in line. All of the deals of the week are still present too, and the service will work with the MVP rewards. Perhaps the biggest selling point at the moment, however? That would be the fact that it allows a customer to completely avoid crowds. In light of both the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing and Governor Northam has tightened restrictions, using Food Lion’s To-Go service becomes a much more attractive option in Montross.