It’s amazing how much can happen in a single year, and there are plenty of times when one looks back and realizes a mere 12 months have passed, yet it feels like it should have been longer. It certainly seemed that way at the February Board of Supervisors meeting in Westmoreland County, especially after a little update came in from EMS on one of their most recent projects: Mobile Integrated Healthcare, or M.I.H.

For the uninitiated, M.I.H. Is described as “resource management and patient education.” The focus is on making sure at-risk patients get the resources that are available to them to allow them to thrive and improve their quality of life. This could range from teaching a diabetic what foods they can and can’t eat to providing frequent 911 callers in-home support and resources in order to reduce the misuse of EMS, in addition to helping combat the opioid crisis.