As the months go by, the saga of the Town of Montross’ efforts to modernize its aging water system continues to move forward. At a town meeting on Tuesday evening last week, Town Manager Patricia Lewis revealed an update she had received from Tara Delaney of the USDA: the project is funded!

During the first part of August, Lewis, along with Mayor Joey King and Vice Mayor Terry Cosgrove, reviewed a letter of conditions. The interest rate they secured on the loan has come out to 1.5%, which is a drop from the previously listed rate of 1.75. Even better, the interest rate might drop even more before all is said and done.

At the upcoming town meeting this September, Lewis has stated she will bring a set of resolutions before the council for adoption with more regard to the water system. The project for the new water system has been in the works for over a year now, with the step before all the business with the USDA involving a water system income survey that was needed to qualify for the extra-low interest rates that Lewis has been able to secure. 

To say the water system is in need of a replacement is a massive understatement, if the numerous water breaks from last year are any indication. It has served the town well, but is creaking with age, and it has been stressed at some meetings that this sort of thing is vital if the town is to continue to serve the needs of its residents.

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