At the Mayoral Forum earlier this month, community members learned more about Colonial Beach candidates Mike Fitzpatrick and Robin Schick. The first question asked was how many council meetings each candidate had attended throughout the year. Schick has missed one meeting in her time on council directly after she gave birth to her son. Fitzpatrick began attending meetings in August of this year. He said that he had watched some on streaming.

In a question over maintenance issues in the town of Colonial Beach, Fitzpatrick said he wanted tighter control of management of Public Works, and that they needed more understanding and goal setting.

On the sale of Eleanor Park Schick said that this, “is an issue that has had a lot of things proposed and I am willing to look at every option out there.” Fitzpatrick said that it should be sold.

In a discussion of what they would do to support the arts, Schick listed how she had helped as part of the art community in painting a mural that was featured on the old bathhouse and working with different groups in town. Fitzpatrick did not speak on the arts instead using his time to discuss development.

About the candidates

Mike Fitzpatrick has lived in Colonial Beach for 23 years. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland. He served on the Planning Commission in the early 2000s and chaired it for two years.

Fitzpatrick has not been active in the town’s government recently, however, he started attending town council meetings in August. 

Fitzpatrick is married to wife, Joan, and has four daughters. They also have seven grandchildren.

He is retired but worked as a biotech executive prior to that. His website discuses that he ran multi-million dollar projects in his 40-year career. During the 2000s, Fitzpatrick worked a job that required global travel living.

Fitzpatrick was the President of the Regional Catholic School Board in Frederick, Maryland prior to moving to Colonial Beach. This is a board that oversees private Catholic Schools in Frederick County.

Robin Schick is a life-long resident of Colonial Beach. She is a graduate of Colonial Beach High School and was valedictorian. She currently serves as Vice Mayor. She was a member of the Planning Commission for nine years. Three of those years she was chair of the commission.

Schick owns a local business RMS Designs. She did the designs for Callao and Warsaw’s revitalization projects. She is a graduate of University of Virginia. Following college, she spent two years serving in the Peace Corps in Guatemala as a Municipal Development Volunteer.

In her early 30s, she is a mom to her one-year-old son, and stepmother to her partner, Tommy Feltner’s, three children.

Schick has volunteered for Colonial Beach on the Planning Commission and Town Council, and she is involved with multiple local non-profit organizations.

A full video of the mayoral forum is available on the town’s Facebook page.