Kinsale Postal Crew

Kinsale’s gracious, genial and efficient departing Postmaster Dwight W. Sorboen has served here since October of 2014. He is retiring as of July 31 and will be greatly missed.

His staff at one point bragged so much about what a pleasant place Kinsale P.O. is to work that we became famous across the Postal Service.

His co-workers saluted Dwight and his wife at a delightful and delicious barbecue Sunday afternoon, July 26, with many words of grateful thanks for all Dwight has done for them and for Kinsale. The Kinsale Foundation seconded the motion!

Dwight described his biggest challenges as “putting out fires on a daily basis started by new procedures and big expectations that small post offices can comply with the demands imposed on large post offices. We have to think outside the box and meet the intent of the regulations, which sadly they never filter down to ask us.”

He fervently thanked his coworkers for “keeping us off the ‘bad boys’ list by doing their jobs so well.”

Dwight’s great dreams for retirement after a work life that has spanned more than 47 years?

“First, babysit our high-jumping beagle-mix dog Dixie. Next, accomplish the ‘honey-do’ list. Third, get a small john boat and go fishing!” To aid in the latter, his co-workers gave him a generous gift card at the BassPro shop. The rest of us are keeping our eyes open for a sign that proclaims “gone fishin’.”

JaCarra Santos-Cox described Dwight as “humorous, down-to-earth and kind-hearted,” adding that she has gained valuable communication and customer skills at his side for the past two years.

   Randy Bowen, a Rural Carrier Associate for more than two decades, is proud to have served with Dwight for six years. “It’s sad to see you go but these are tears of joy for you,” he quipped when presenting a keepsake plaque.

Kinsale carrier Robert Bailey, with 30 years of service, said Dwight has “loads of common sense. He knows what works and what doesn’t.”

“If anybody deserves a good retirement, it’s Dwight. He’s sorely going to be missed,” said 30-year Hague carrier Clay Lewis. “There’ll NEVER be another postmaster that uses common sense like he does.”

“Maybe he’ll leave a little in the drawer!” suggested Barbara Ashton Campbell, who has worked at Sandy Point for more than two years. She called Dwight “just an overall nice person. Easy to get along with.”

A brief history of Dwight’s life

Born in Crosby North Dakota, he served in the U.S. Army for four years starting in 1973, when the army was rebuilding after Vietnam. He then served with the Navy from 1977-1994 during Desert Storm and Desert Shield, facing mines, boats filled with bombs, and chemical weapons.

He went to work for the U.S. Postal Service in October 1994, serving ever since in Virginia postal roles: first, four years as a part-time carrier, then becoming a clerk in 1999, and since 2005 as the Postmaster at Ninde, Columbia and Partlow before coming to Kinsale.

He and his wife Josephine, whom he met in the Philippines, celebrated their 35th anniversary this past Valentines Day. The Sorboens hope you will keep in touch in the future! Their address is P.O. Box 2026, Tappahannock, Va. 22560.


Heathsville clerk Melissa Brown, to whom Dwight handed over his duties on July 21, 2020, will see her first day on the job as OIC on July 27.

Kinsale’s Postmaster retires after long, successful career