8.30 bluebird DSC_4591 ps4 3 inches wide

A mesmerizing framed and matted bluebird photograph by photographer Parks Rountrey is one of the auction items and sums up the valiant spirit of community service Parks shares with Kinsale Museum.

The bluebird of happiness will touch Kinsale with its wings on Saturday, September 19, even though the 43rd annual Kinsale Day celebration can not include the usual strengthening Masonic breakfast, spirited town meeting, festive firemen’s food, enchanting ice cream, musical masterpieces, vivacious vendors and raucous riverine rubber duckie derby race of stalwart yellow contenders.

NOTE:  The ongoing silent auction and the ducks will be a part of the day’s happenings.

And so can you – onsite, or off.

“Never say die!” is their motto here, folks, and your generosity to keep Kinsale Museum running as a collector of history and fosterer of community outreach continues to live up to its incredible ongoing warmth. They have soldiered on through the virus and look forward to serving you and your family and their neighbors for many more years.

The Auction

Including current bids, as well as extraordinary pound cake and cheese cake pre-orders and buys, the annual silent auction (launched in March) has risen above $10,500 – very close to last year’s all-time high of $11,101.  This will officially conclude at 12:30 on Saturday.

Please try to come in by Friday to check your bids as Saturday, September 19, will be complicated with only a very few admitted at a time to the Old Kinsale Ice Cream Parlor.

Do not plan to linger in the Ice Cream Parlor for more than a few minutes Saturday. You can circulate around in the first hour to bid, but in the last hour, only just go to your items to see if you need to up the bid.

The usual forest of huge hanging post-it notes will be replaced by a print out of winners’ names, which will also be emailed to the bidders and membership.

Don’t worry if you can’t be in town this weekend. You can either pay for and pick up your items from around 1:30-4 p.m. Saturday, or on Sunday, September 20 or in the next couple months.

The Duck Event

Due to health challenges the 2nd annual Joni Lawler Memorial Rubber Duckie Derby Event has segued from a race to a drawing.

The same cash prizes, donated in her memory by Joni’s loving family, are still in play. So far 1,050 of the available 1,500 “ducks” have been adopted. 

The last few can be purchased at the Museum either before or on Saturday before noon when the winners’ names will be drawn.

For more info on the auction or the race, call the Museum Director’s cell at 804-472-2013.