Colonial Beach Town Council starts the new year off with a full slate. The first work session of 2021 included a multitude of items.

Robin Schick winning the mayoral seat left a gap in the council that they had 30 days to fill. After discussion and looking at the applications, the council selected Powell Duggan for the one-year position.

Duggan has ten years experience in local government including being Mayor of Warrenton. A special election will be held in November to fill the remainder of the term.

Vice Mayor for the year was also voted on by the council with Mike Cabrey being voted into the position. This position lasts for one year. It is voted on by council every January.

Council also voted to keep their meetings on the same time and days for the next year. In fact the majority of what is done in January is housekeeping for the council year, from setting meeting dates to voting for Vice Mayor and getting their house in shape for the term.

Departmental liaisons between council and other organizations were assigned. Pat Ey, Public Safety; Vicki Roberson, Schools; Caryn Self-Sullivan, Non-Government Organizations; Robin Schick, Finance and Administration; Tom Moncure, Public Works; and Mike Cabrey, Economic Development and Department of Zoning and Planning. 

Four members were appointed to the Parks and Recreation Committee: Karen Griesevich, Melinda Godreau, Steve Kennedy and Cody Christensen. The fifth seat is still open with applications being accepted at Town Hall.

The council has also set their priorities meeting for January 18 at 8 a.m. This meeting allows them to go through everything within the town council’s purview and decide what is most important.

Due to COVID-19 the meetings are currently limited to 10 audience members; however, meetings can be viewed on the town’s Youtube channel.