It’s been a recurring theme through the year ever since the Coronavirus paid us a visit: various functions and get-togethers get cancelled over concerns about the virus. At the June Montross Town Council meeting, the Fall Festival was up for an update from the town manager, Patricia Lewis.

 The fate of the Fall Festival was the subject of a lengthy discussion by the Fall Festival Committee at their last meeting. One of the things discussed was Lewis contacting the town’s insurance company, as well as the Sheriff’s Department and the Virginia Department of Health. Ultimately, however, the next meeting they have, which takes place on July 9, will determine whether or not the Fall Festival takes place.

The chief concern of course lies with worries about social distancing, given that people tend to be rather heavily packed together at said festival, especially when parade time rolls around.

“There are a lot of unknowns,” Lewis explained. “You can’t force people to wear masks, social distancing would be a problem, and hand sanitizer stations all over the town.”

“How far out could you delay a decision?” Vice Mayor Terry Cosgrove asked.

“We had suggested September 1, but I’ve gotten feedback from that saying that it may be too late for vendors, especially with their food orders,” she replied

It also bears mentioning that it’s not officially been cancelled yet. 

“I wanted to talk to everyone about it as a committee and get everyone’s opinion on it,” Lewis explained.

A similar decision has apparently been discussed by neighboring King George County, and it’s an even more agonizing decision, as this year is King George County’s 300th anniversary. For better or worse, the Fall Festival’s fate will be decided next week.