Six candidates are running for three spots in the Colonial Beach Town Council election. Only one is an incumbent, Dallas Leamon. The five others are Caryn Self Sullivan, Mike Cabrey, Alan Darlington, Tom Moncure and Wayne DiRosario.

The Colonial Beach Community Foundation and Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce held a forum for the candidates last Tuesday at the Colonial Beach Elementary School. With social distancing guidelines followed, the six candidates were joined by a smaller than normal crowd.

With a varied panel running for seat the CBCF and COC received more than 200 questions for the forums.

From the ever asking of whether or not Colonial Beach Schools should be combined with Westmoreland County Schools (on which all involved said no) to creation of a park in the North end of town (on which all said yes, except Moncure who would need to look at the comprehensive plan first.)

Of the six running, three have held elected political office before. Leamon is currently seated. Tom Moncure was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates for Stafford County. DiRosario has served as Town Mayor, Town Council and a member of the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors.

Cabrey is also currently on the town’s Planning Commission. Members of that group are appointed to their position.

One of the major considerations is the transparency of government in the town. When asked if they would support an open town hall meeting periodically for citizens all agreed on this issue.

Cabrey said the need for communication has to flow both ways between the elected officials and citizens. Darlington agreed. DiRosario said that he would meet with citizens as he has held office in the past. Leamon also agreed and said his email and phone number are always open. He also said that he does not respond on social media. Moncure said, that his email and phone number were on his campaign material. Sullivan said she agreed and she was already holding open office hours on Fridays and Sundays to speak with town citizens.