While wearing masks, the Kilmarnock Bagpipe Group performed at the Heathsville Farmers’ Market.


The Heathsville Farmers’ Market on Saturday was hot, but that didn’t stop kids from running around on a scavenger hunt or the Kilmarnock Bagpipe Group from playing even wearing protective masks.

Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern executive director Corinne Becker said after the market, “Given everything it was a good market. These days you don’t know what to expect.”

As it was, Becker said the market drew more vendors than the hotel/tavern’s first market of the year last month. This one was “Kids’ Day” and youngsters got a kick out of the scavenger hunt organized for them. The youngsters were given clues such as where would you go to get furniture or can you find a farm stand called Garner's?

“The ones who figured it out and got all the answers were quite proud of themselves,” Becker noted.

All the youngsters got prizes, even the ones too young to go on the scavenger hunt.

One of the items given away was rainbow colored popcorn from Northern Neck Popcorn in Kilmarnock. Becker said the firm has been a regular supporter of the market.

Despite the heat, the Kilmarnock Pipe Band had its drummers and bagpipers play for a half an hour. “They were quite wonderful,” Becker said.

Becker observed that the hotel/tavern is recovering from the pandemic inflicted revenue losses of the late spring. Not only have the two farmers markets helped but a second take-out barbecue dinner cooked by Sid Mace last week netted the hotel/tavern $2,800, Becker said. A third barbecue is being thought about. Becker noted that the hotel/tavern might make as much of of the barbecues as it had hoped to make off a big bluegrass and barbecue party it had to cancel due to the pandemic.

There may have been a sign that the Heathsville market has arrived. The director of the Irvington Farmers’ Market, which will start again soon, came to Heathsville’s Saturday to see how it was handling pandemic precautions.