One of the many event casualties of 2020 when the Coronavirus hit was the event in Montross known as First Fridays. A yearly occurrence during the summer months, concerns over large gatherings caused it to get the axe, along with the Fall Festival. Ever since 2020 ended, several Montross Town Council members have been getting question after question on whether the event would return. At the most recent council meeting, it was revealed that First Fridays event would be making a reappearance, though truncated from the previous times.

According to Mayor Terry Cosgrove, the plans for starting First Fridays back up came about during a meeting by the Greater Montross Partnership for Revitalization Committee several weeks ago. The schedule would be for June, July, August and September only. In the meantime, the committee will see about gathering bands and getting wineries to sign on.

“We’ll watch the governor’s reports like everyone else, and be ready to pull the plug or move forward at the last minute,” Cosgrove explained. “We felt it was important to keep those events alive and continue to keep that brand there. I’d hate to see it all slip away after last year.”

Meetings about this year’s Fall Festival are also set to start; Town Manager Patricia Lewis indicated that the council will be informed of the meetings when they occur. As more people get vaccinated and herd immunity sets in, the town will get back to being that little slice of quiet country that makes any town out of a Hallmark Channel movie absolutely green with envy.