Flags are up around Kilmarnock in honor of local heroes.

Photo from the Town of Kilmarnock Facebook page


It is with great excitement that Kilmarnock’s Hometown Hero program is up as scheduled. “All of the 200 plus banners [were] placed all around town,” said Mayor Umphlett. “This program has deep meaning to my family, and I am so happy this program is going on for our community during this hard time we find ourselves in,” stated Mayor Umplett. 

Even without having the preview party the town still continued the program with placing all of the banners around town. Just because the community and families cannot celebrate these amazing heroes together doesn’t mean the community cannot enjoy them all summer long. All banners were up by Saturday May 23 and will not be taken down until September 14.

If you need a copy of the Hometown Hero booklet, they will be located in the black box outside of the town office on Main Street. An electronic copy is also available at https://www.kilmarnockva.com/parks/town-centre-park/hometown-heroes/

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the Hometown Hero program, please call Ashley Jones at 804-435-1552 X 30 or email at ajones@kilmarnockva.com.

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