Bay Transit, the public transportation division of Bay Aging, has partnered with Essex County to provide expanded service on the popular “Rivah Ride” flexible fixed-route bus in Tappahannock.  The Rivah Ride now operates Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. with stops throughout Tappahannock.  The Rivah Ride bus also features new advertising promoting Bay Transit’s commitment to customer service and safety.  “Good to go!” advertising outside the bus touts many of these safety protocols including free rides on all Bay Transit buses to keep passengers and drivers from having to exchange money. “We are thankful to Essex County for helping to expand bus service in Tappahannock during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Bay Transit’s Director, Ken Pollock.

“With plexiglass shields surrounding the driver’s seat on all buses, plexiglass partitions between passenger seats, limiting the number of riders for social distancing, daily cleaning and disinfecting of all buses, requiring drivers and riders to wear face masks and even offering free hand sanitizer and face masks to any rider who needs them, we are employing best practices to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Last week, Essex County Administrator Michael Lombardo and Essex County Board Supervisor Edwin ‘Bud’ Smith boarded the Rivah Ride bus to see some of these enhancements firsthand.  “I was impressed,” Lombardo said.  “Bay Transit has done a lot of work to make these buses safe and it shows.  Residents can be comfortable traveling on Bay Transit and should take advantage of the expanded service hours and free rides.” 

Reggie Johnson has been a Bay Transit bus driver since 2011.  Johnson is the regular Rivah Ride driver and noted that Bay Transit’s response to COVID-19 has kept drivers and riders feeling comfortable.  “We have never had any service interruptions during COVID-19,” said Johnson.  “Ridership is continuing to rebound, and these safety protocols are working.  This bus is my home for eight hours a day and the riders are my friends and I want them to feel safe and comfortable.”

For more information about Bay Transit and the Rivah Ride, visit or call the Ride Line at 877-869-6046.

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