Linda Gaskins with COVID vaccination card1 (002)

Linda Gaskins calls her COVID vaccination card her “Golden Ticket.”

Bay Transit, the public transportation division of Bay Aging, is staffed with many essential workers, most notably the approximately 85 dedicated men and women who have been driving Bay Transit’s buses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For Linda Gaskins, who started driving for Bay Transit in August of 2019, it was something to do after retiring. “I love it! After I retired, I got bored and wanted something fun to do,” Gaskins recalled. “I love the people I pick up and have developed wonderful relationships with many of them. Before COVID they could come on the bus and chat. Now it’s harder to do because of all the safety protocols we’ve implemented. We have plexiglass partitions around the driver’s seat and the passengers are socially distanced and have partitions between their seats.”

Gaskins was among a large group of Bay Transit drivers who recently received the first of two COVID-19 vaccinations at the Richmond County Rescue Squad Building in Warsaw. “Bay Transit’s done an awesome job protecting the drivers and passengers. My appointment was arranged through Bay Transit and they made all the drivers aware of this opportunity,” Gaskins said. “My vaccination was given along with state troopers, sheriff’s department staff, rescue squad personnel and healthcare workers. I’ll get my second shot on February eleventh.”

Describing the process as very well organized, Gaskins’ vehicle was among a “line of cars” that you stayed in to protect the workers administering the vaccinations. “Once you got your vaccination, you had to sit in another line for fifteen minutes to make sure you didn’t have an adverse reaction,” she said.  Once the waiting period concluded Gaskins was issued her official CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card which she describes as the “Golden Ticket” that Gaskins will need to show to prove she received both vaccinations. “You’ll need it to board airplanes, cruise ships and so on. It was my personal choice to protect myself and others around me, so I was very happy to get the vaccination,” Gaskins said. “My arm was sore the next day just like a flu shot. I didn’t have any side effects whatsoever.”

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