Flags line Route 360 as a special thanks during National Nurses Week.

Callao has had a difficult spring. The supermarket closed and the post office was wrecked when a car ran into it; all that in the midst of the coronavirus shutdown. Even so, the town hasn’t forgotten those who deserve thanks in such a stressful time. Last week, it festooned its main road with American flags to express appreciation to workers who are helping the community during this COVID-19 crisis.

“In addition to nurses and public servants,” Lisa Deitz, President of the Callao Hometown Community Association began, “CHCA wants to thank the full range of healtcare personnel, first responder organizations, library staff, and the front line staff in all the essential businesses remaining open during these last few weeks. 

These essential businesses include grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, hardware stores, banks, gas stations, car repair, and restaurant carry-out services, to name a few.”

The CHCA tied its “Flying the flag” effort in with National Nurses Week and Northumberland County’s Public Servant Recognition, Dietz noted.

The flags, which are spaced out every 100 feet on both sides of Route 360 as it runs through Callao’s commercial district were put up by the local Moose Lodge’s Moose Legion, a group of volunteers led by Jim Michel. They wave from near the town’s traffic light all the way to the Moose lodge on the east side of town. A bit further along, a flag also flies in front of RW Sports.

“Government and essential businesses have remained open to ensure that our residents and families have access to needed supplies and services,” said Deitz, Those operating the services have been “risking exposure and potential illness or death from this virus. CHCA wants to say ‘thank you!’”

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