NNEC members elected two of their peers to serve on NNEC’s Board of Directors. This year’s election occurred at NNEC’s 84th Annual Meeting on Thursday, August 5, 2021. More than 2,800 members voted by returning their Proxy Designation Card, and hundreds participated virtually.

• Holly Wargo was re-elected to represent Westmoreland County

• Wayne Saunders was re-elected to represent Lancaster County

Hunter Greenlaw, chairman of NNEC’s board, emphasized the important role of the NNEC directors.

“Every month, we spend countless hours studying reports, listening to feedback, and understanding the impact of the coop on our community and our members,” Greenlaw said. “We use all of that information to make sound decisions to improve the coop and to better serve the membership.”

Also at the Annual Meeting, Brad Hicks, president and CEO, provided an update on the coop’s challenges and successes from 2020, which included:

• Maintaining the safety and health of employees and members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

• Enacting its largest-ever capital retirement to its members totaling more than $1.1 million

• Maintaining a 99.96% reliability rate

“I have been astounded by the commitment to community by our team and their persistence to improve the cooperative and the community each and every day that they enter our offices. For 84 years, we have provided safe, reliable, and affordable electrical service to you. We want to continue that history of excellence into the future,” Hicks said.

Looking ahead, he also shared details of the coop’s new strategic plan, which is a 4-year plan that will prepare the coop to be successful for decades to come.

Hicks said, “Over the next four years, we will continue serving members’ needs, and this plan will prepare us to better meet your expectations long into the future. We will continue to foster a culture where our employees enjoy successful careers and find personal meaning in their work. We will further the economic development of our region, be a valued member of the community, and manage the cooperative ethically and responsibly.”

He noted that the coop employees worked together to establish their core values of safety, reliability, integrity, solidarity, and community. Hicks announced the coop and its board had selected a new mission statement for the organization:

• To improve the quality of life in our communities

“Over the next 4 years, it is my hope that you will see this strategic plan come to life, and that you will see the impact of these priorities, that we will accomplish our mission to improve the quality of life in our communities,” Hicks said.

More information about the strategic plan will be released to the membership and the community over the next few months.