It’s taken two years, but the repairs to the boat landing at Currioman over on Nomini Creek have been completed, standing in a stark contrast with the infamous Chandler’s Mill Pond dam, which as of this writing, still has some issues to be sorted out.

The whole affair started two years ago in February, when County Administrator Norm Risavi brought the matter before the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors during their regular meeting. There was a breach in the landing’s spit, which allowed the waves to move sand inside the boat ramp. Furthermore, it was later determined that dredging needed to take place.

Resource International was later brought in to help with the bids from dredging contractors, with Docks of the Bay getting the contract. The company wound up employing geotubes in the project, allowing them to place the dredge material at the low points of the spit of land. The boards that had been on the underside of the dock were also removed, as they had been a contributing factor in the problem. 

While the repairs to the boat landing itself had been completed back in October, a ditch near the parking lot also had to be taken care of, as the massive rains that took place back in November last year flooded the parking lot due to a clogged ditch, a similar scenario that would also happen over at the Chandler’s Mill Pond. The final part of this saga was a project to keep the parking lot from becoming the wrong kind of waterfront property, and was completed with very little in the way of muss or fuss.

The ditch that had caused the flooding was dealt with by VDOT, who installed new piping in the ditch. Time will tell if there are any more plot twists awaiting that little spit of land, but considering the overall lack of headaches, especially when compared to the saga of Chandler’s Mill Pond, the story itself may be concluded at long last.